Gang supplying Warsaw with drugs busted

Warsaw police cracked down on an organised criminal group suspected of producing, trafficking and circulating a sizeable amount of narcotics, police spokesperson reported.

As many as 10 individuals were detained after 3 years of the group’s activity in Warsaw and its suburban areas. These detainees will add up to the total tally of the Warsaw police in the combat against the gang. So far the police have detained a total of 22 individuals suspected of belonging to the gang.

“During this period the group has flooded the market with huge numbers of intoxicants and psychotropic substances,” said the police spokesperson, adding that the gang used trusted couriers to smuggle marijuana and liquid amphetamine from the Netherlands, which was then precipitated and sold powdered.

According to the Warsaw prosecutor’s office spokesperson, the investigation saw first detentions in June 2019 when “9 nine individuals engaged in illicit activities were detained, including the gang’s 34-year-old kingpin Krzysztof B. aka “Trapez” [Eng. “Trapezoid”; name withheld in line with Polish privacy law].” He also added that it was in June that the police shut down the group’s warehouse where 30 kg of various drugs were found.

Another 4 people were stopped in November while smuggling drugs from the Netherlands. “That, however, did not put an end to the illicit operations and thus the police dealt yet another blow busting the organised criminal group,” said the police spokesperson.

A sum of PLN 400,000 (EUR 93,305) has been secured to cover the penalties threatening the detained individuals.

As many as 22 detainees are suspected of breaking the law and may face up to 12 years behind bars. The police do not rule out further detentions.