Poland exempted from 2050 EU climate neutrality deal

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced after the first day of the EU summit in Brussels that Poland had been exempted from the 2050 climate neutrality deal.

Pace of climate neutrality should bear in mind socioeconomic status: PM

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The leaders of the EU agreed that by 2050, the Union has to achieve climate neutrality. Charles Michel, the new head of the European Council said that Poland needs more time to reach it and the discussion about this issue will be continued in June 2020.

“One exception, one rule, one principle which had been included in the summit’s conclusions, must be taken into account during a legislation process,” the Polish PM said.

“We understand that there are countries which are in a completely different economic, technological and social condition but Poland could not be blamed for being in such a situation regarding its energy system,” Mr Morawiecki told journalists.

The Polish PM stressed that Poland did not set a specified date on which the country should reach the climate neutrality.

The summit decided that the energy transformation in the EU over the next seven years will be supported by a Just Transition Fund of EUR 100 bn, envisaged by the summit.

The Polish PM also said that in accordance with the final conclusions, the European Investment Bank “will allocate considerable funds to the energy transition.” He added that the conclusions also included a direct reference to nuclear energy.

“Poland will be able to carry out its energy transition in a way which will be safe and economically beneficial,” Mr Morawiecki said.

He pointed out that the Polish energy transition “will also be carried out with the use of Polish funds.”