Tory victory a chance for new chapter in relations with UK: Polish PM

Polish Prime Minister said that victory of the Conservative Party in the General Elections in the UK was important from the Polish point of view as it would stabilise the political situation in the country.

Poles hoping to be British MPs

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“Boris Johnson and the Tories, the Conservative Party, have claimed a huge victory, and from the perspective of Poland and the EU, it is important in the sense that it will bring stability to the political scene in the UK. We can hope, and we do hope, that soon a new chapter will open, a chapter, which will mean deepening cooperation in trade, security and politics,” the Polish PM said.

The Conservative Party won the majority of the seats in the House of Commons, which means the result above 326 seats. With one seat still to declare (St Ives constituency), the Tories will have at least 364 MPs. This is their best results since the third victory of the party lead by Margaret Thatcher in 1987.

Boris Johnson said that this result gives his party a strong mandate to finish Brexit. He especially thanked those voters who supported the Tories for the first time.

The second result was recorded by the Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn which will have at least 203 seats. This is the worst result for Labour since 1935. Mr Corbyn has already announced that he will not lead the party in the next elections.

The third place went to the Scottish National Party (SNP), which will have at least 48 seats in the new parliament. Liberal Democrats were fourth with 11 seats. The leader of the Lib Dems, Jo Swinson, lost her seat to a representative of SNP.

The Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland won eight seats, while the pro-independence Sinn Féin will have seven MPs. Welsh Plaid Cymru won four seats, two seats were won by Social Democratic & Labour Party of Northern Ireland and one - by The Green Party of England and Wales, as well as The Alliance Party.