International students made welcome in Polish homes at Christmas

The “Christmas without frontiers” initiative invites international students to Christmas dinner with local families brings unexpected results, Professor Zbigniew Krysiak, the chair of the Institute of Schuman’s Thought tells PolandIN.

With 100,000 foreign students in Poland, and an increasing number coming from places too far to return home during the Christmas holiday, Professor Zbigniew Krysiak explained how academic institutions are taking interest in the scheme.

Universities throughout Poland, from Szczecin in the north, through Łódź and Warsaw in Central Poland to Lublin in the south east, have signed up to the idea. Some 39,000 students in Poland come from Ukraine and are therefore able to return home over the holiday. Those from farther afield are more likely to stay.

Professor Krysiak, who teaches at The Warsaw School of Economics told of one case where a Chinese student was welcomed in by a Polish-French family, who surprised him by singing the Chinese version of “Silent Night”.

Companies have also been encouraged to support the idea, by inviting the growing number of foreign staff to come to dinner on Christmas Eve, which is the main celebration in Poland.

The Institute of Schuman’s Thought aims to popularise the works and aims of the Robert Schuman, a Luxembourg-born French-German statesman and twice Prime Minister for France, who is credited as being one of the founders of what is now the European Union.

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