Ambassador’s appeal to Israel to help identify those helped by Ładoś Group

Ambassador Jakub Kumoch, interviewed on Poland IN appealed to Israeli authorities to help in tracing all the individuals who received passports forged by Polish diplomats led by Ambassador Łados during the Second World War. The Polish diplomat led an operation which saw the forging of hundreds of Latin American countries passports to help Jews to escape the Holocaust.

Jakub Kumoch, Polish Ambassador to Switzerland, told Poland IN of the efforts to document the full scale of the phenomenon. Over 3000 people have been identified as having been helped by the Ładoś Group, but Poland is still looking for between five and seven thousand more.

He appealed to the Israeli authorities for help in finding those who still have the passports. Even in the case of people who had not been saved despite the issuing of the passports, it was still important for families of the victims to know someone had tried to help them, he argued.

Asked whether he had found any resistance to this story being told, he felt that disbelief was sometimes a barrier. He himself was surprised when delving into the archives of the scale of the action that took place.

He did not mind that Poland was not always portrayed in a good light with regard to its history. “No nation is ever perceived exactly as it would like,” he observed. But what was unacceptable were bare-faced lies about “Polish death camps” and the Polish state being involved in the Holocaust.

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