World media react to Polish PM’s statement on Putin’s allegations

Media around the world have reacted to the statement of Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki issued in the wake of recent accusations by Russian President Vladimir Putin on the reasons for the outbreak of World War II.

“Polish PM accuses Putin of ‘deliberate’ lies in WWII spat,'' wrote Politico on its website. It recalled the words of Vladimir Putin and mentioned the summoning of the Russian ambassador by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in reaction to Mr Putin’s words.

The AP agency dispatch "Polish PM Accuses Putin of Lying About Outbreak of WWII" was published by the American Washington Post, New York Times, Miami Herald, The Kansas City Star, the websites Yahoo!, ABC News, MSN, The Times of Israel and the British Daily Mail.

Several media outlets, including the American VOA website, the Pakistani Urdu Point and the website of the Indonesian newspaper "The Jakarta Post", published an AFP dispatch entitled "Polish Prime Minister condemns Putin for “lies about WWII".

Based on the CTK dispatch, Czech media wrote that according to the Polish PM, "President Putin has lied about Poland many times" (, The headline of the story published by states: "You lie about us to divert attention from your own problems - Polish PM accuses Putin".

The website of the Swedish daily "Aftonbladet" posted a brief overview of the statement by the PM Morawiecki. The wire by TT agency titled "Poland: Putin lies about the outbreak of WWII" pointed out that on September 17, 1939 the USSR attacked Poland, and explained what the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was. Other Swedish websites published the same story.

In an article "Polish PM claims Russia’s rewriting of history is a threat to Europe", the British portal Emerging Europe quoted the words of PM Morawiecki and Vladimir Putin, and referred to the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

The EUobserver stressed that "Poland is calling for solidarity within the European Union after Russian President Vladimir Putin described Poles as “anti-Semitic pigs” who “colluded with Hitler".

An overview of the statement by PM Morawiecki was also posted on the website of the Dutch-language Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws under the title “Lies. Warsaw strikes back after Putin accused Poland of plotting with Hitler."

The British tabloid "Daily Express" published an article called “World War 2 fury: Polish PM accuses Putin and Russia of deliberate lies on horror conflict”.

"Mr Putin has said on numerous occasions that Poland must bear the responsibility for the outbreak of WWII, raising tensions between the two countries,'' it wrote.