Pole on Pole: Intrepid traveller marches through Antarctica

Polish traveller Jacek Libucha made it to the South Pole, after marching for 54 days on his own through Antarctica.

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Mr Libucha set off from Hercules Inlet, one of the most popular starting locations of journeys to South Pole.

During his march, he was pulling a sledge with all of his equipment, weighing more than 110kg (242.5 lbs).

He managed to reach his destination despite many difficulties along the way. The first challenge was the weather - heavy snowfall did not allow the Pole proper navigating, while the sledge acted more like an anchor in the fresh snow.

The first obstacles slowed down the pace of Mr Libucha, who planned to cover 15-30km per day. He was only able to march 8-10km.

The traveller had to deal with these delays, because he had limited amounts of food and supplies.

Finally, after 54 days, Mr Libucha reached the South Pole. He is the third Pole to do it on his own, without any support. Marek Kamiński was the first, in 1996, then Małgorzata Wojtaczka did it in 2017.