Sports Ministry allocates over EUR 120 mln to sports development in 2020

The Polish Sports Ministry has allocated PLN 516.1 mln (EUR 121.5 mln) to sports infrastructure development and popularisation of physical activity in Poland in 2020, as stated in a report regarding the ministry’s investment plans.

The draft scheme for 2020 investments was presented by the Deputy Sports Minister Jacek Osuch in front of the parliamentary Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism committee.

Some of the committee members drew attention to expenses related to the promotion of football, which amount to over a quarter of the total amount. They suggested that such large funding for the development of one discipline may lead to a decline in the popularity of others.

Mr Osuch pointed out that the funds will be spent on, among other things, the construction of roofing at stadiums, which low-tier and non-league footballers eagerly await all over Poland.

“There are huge expectations of parents, children and young people that football training can also take place in the autumn and winter months. At the moment, this is the number one programme in terms of importance that we want to implement,” he said.

Nonetheless, the ministry wants to focus also on the development of other sports. It plans to expand and improve athletic stadiums in Tychy and Ustka, reconstruct ski jumping runways in Szczyrk and Zakopane, as well as modernise ice rinks in Dębica and Bytom.

Mr Osuch also presented the ministry’s investment expenditure in 2019. A total of 1017 projects were co-financed with about PLN 484 mln (EUR 114 mln).