Poles positive about economy, negative about politics: poll

Monthly surveys run by the CBOS pollster in 2019 showed that Poles had a generally positive opinion about the economy, their standard of living and work situations, while domestic politics was viewed negatively.

According to Barbara Badora from CBOS, the results of the research reflects the ongoing trend among Poles, who evaluate the private sphere of their life more positively than the public one in similar polls over the previous years.

In the eyes of those polled, the assessment of the country's political situation remained negative from January to December 2019, with small improvements in June, after the elections to the European Parliament, and in November, after the national elections.

The average assessment of Poland's economic situation remained relatively stable and positive throughout the past year. In general, respondents expected that the country's economic situation would improve over the coming year.

Assessment of the standard of living remained stable and clearly positive, while the initial forecasts of this index over the past year were lower than the actual opinion of those surveyed. Opinions of the respondent's professional situation remained relatively high throughout the year.

On the other hand, as many as 46 percent of respondents believe that the ongoing year will be better for them than 2019, and 44 percent believe that it will be better for their families, while only nine percent of those surveyed stated that this year will be worse than the past year.