Austrian director to make movie about Witold Pilecki

The Austrian film director Feo Aladag is making a movie about the legendary Polish WWII-era hero Witold Pilecki, who informed the world about the Nazi German atrocities that took place in Auschwitz concentration camp.

Documentary film on Witold Pilecki to be released next year

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"The Inconvenient Truth", which is the working title of the movie, will mainly focus on the time spent by Witold Pilecki in Auschwitz in the years 1940 -1943, and the subsequent events that ultimately led to his death in 1948.

Feo Aladag also wants to link this story with the present.

“The history of Captain Pilecki is particularly important and universal in the current political situation. His story speaks about crimes that cannot be forgotten and that one cannot look away from, even at the cost of one's own life. And that it is not enough to just see it, you also need to act,” the director told the Hollywood Reporter website.

The film is to be co-produced with Poland. Feo Aladag plans to start shooting later this year. Its premiere is scheduled for 2021, while the casting is currently underway.

Ms Aladag is especially known for her movie called “Between the Worlds”, nominated for the Golden Bear award at the renowned Berlinale festival in 2014.