Polishness on posters: unique exhibition in Warsaw

An exhibition of Polish posters inspired by business, political and social life, displayed in the Poster Museum in Wilanów, Warsaw, gives visitors an opportunity to better understand Polish national identity expressed in visual art.

“Each community has its own catalogue of images signs and symbols, and posters are especially rich in symbolism. Based on this catalogue, posters are attempting to show what differentiates us from other national communities,” said the curator of the exhibition and a head of the Museum Mariusz Knorowski.

The exhibition is arranged according to various thematic groups showing the development of poster art and the evolution of the most important symbols and their use in Polish art through the last century.

The exhibition is accompanied by a rich program of events prepared for various groups of visitors.

The exhibition contains 300 unique poster-art works. It will run until March 1, 2020.