Ski jumping: Kubacki third, Stoch centimetres from podium in Italy

Dawid Kubacki took third place at Saturday’s ski jumping World Cup competition in Predazzo, Italy, overtaking another Pole, Kamil Stoch, by an extremely narrow margin.

Karl Geiger, Germany, came first, taking the World Cup series lead as well, while Stefan Kraft from Austria was a runner-up.

After the first round, Geiger was in the lead, around five points clear from Kraft and Stoch. Piotr Żyła was fifth, while Kubacki, the winner of the 68th Four Hills Tournament, made a shorter jump in unstable wind conditions and was eighth.

Among other Polish athletes, Maciej Kot got lucky and qualified for the final round from the penultimate spot guaranteeing promotion. Stefan Hula and Jakub Wolny ended the competition after their first jumps.

In the final stage, Kot managed to overtake two more rivals and took 27th place. Dawid Kubacki significantly improved in his second attempt and soared 104 metres which allowed him to move up to the third position. Piotr Żyła fell from fifth spot to the seventh, while Stoch lost his podium place to Kubacki by only 0.1 point.

Stefan Kraft proved his good form, jumping 103 metres, while Karl Geiger held the lead after flying half a metre further than the Austrian.

Good performance on Saturday allowed Kubacki to move to the fourth place in the World Cup standings, while Stoch advanced to the sixth place. On Sunday, the athletes will compete in Predazzo once again.