Stranded Iranian truck driver goes home in brand new truck

Iranian national, Fardin Kazemi will soon be able to go back home, as on Wednesday, he is set to receive a new truck purchased from funds gathered by online crowdfunding initiated by Poles.

Mr Kazemi’s old truck became beyond repair in early December during one of his routine goods delivery trips. However, he was not left alone, as a Polish truck driver, Tomasz Doniec, allowed him to stay at his house until the matter was solved.

Mr Doniec also helped organise a crowdfunding campaign. The Poles gathered EUR 59,000 (PLN 250,000) and a new, much more modern truck was bought. Moreover, Mr Kazemi received numerous other gifts, including money and truck accessories.

The Iranian driver reacted very emotional when he saw his new truck.

“He kissed him. Seriously, he came to the car and kissed it, having tears in his eyes,” said Bartek Sołtys, co-organiser of the money collection for Fardin Kazemi.

The process of purchasing was not easy. To finalise it, the Iranian driver had to return to his country and determine what kind of car he could legally come back with.

“He didn't even have heating in the old car. When it was cold, he would put on two jackets, gloves, a hat and rode,” said Tomasz Doniec.

“For my beloved ones, what happened after my truck broke down was a miracle. My wife says that the people I met in Poland are angels. They helped me in the most difficult moment. I was alone here, I had no money to repair the truck,” said Mr Kazemi.

Mr Kazemi who has been travelling from Iran to Poland for 27 years, declared that from now on he would only be driving to Poland. His new truck will be easy to recognise, by the graphics placed above the windshield. It displays the flags of Poland and Iran joined together by a golden heart.