Ski jumping: Kubacki grabs sixth consecutive podium place

Karl Geiger from Germany won the Sunday ski jumping World Cup competition in Predazzo, Italy, while Dawid Kubacki won his sixth podium spot in a row, finishing third. Stefan Kraft from Austria was second.

Ski jumping: Kubacki third, Stoch centimetres from podium in Italy

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The four best competitors from Saturday’s contest were ranked in the top four after the first round of the Sunday event as well, although the order was slightly different. Kraft was first, ahead of Geiger, who made by far the longest jump of the round, yet his style was poorly evaluated by the judges. Stoch was third, while Kubacki fourth.

Piotr Żyła was seventh, Stefan Hula was 25th, while Jakub Wolny and Maciej Kot failed to qualify for the final round.

After soaring 104 metres, Piotr Żyła improved in the second round and finished fourth, with the same points total as Stoch. Dawid Kubacki, once again, overtook Stoch and secured third place. Geiger jumped 103.5 metres and managed to finish ahead of Kraft, which meant that the overall top four from Saturday’s contest was the same.

Geiger tops the World Cup standings, ahead of Kraft and Ryoyu Kobayashi. Kubacki is fourth, while Stoch ranks sixth.