Syrian refugees in Lebanon to receive Polish aid

The Redemptoris Missio foundation, based in Poznań, western Poland, has organised a three-tonne shipment of medical dressing materials, cleaning and school supplies for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Polish organisation helps Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Because of the winter, which is the worst period for Syrian refugees in Lebanon, the Polish Centre for International Aid (PCPM) has started raising...

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The delivery will be supported by the Polish army. Many school accessories, 55,000 medical dressings and soap, brushes and toothpaste were packed at the foundation's headquarters on Monday. The delivery is scheduled to reach Lebanon this week.

The head of the foundation, Justyna Janiec-Palczewska said that the soldiers of the Polish Military Contingent serving as part of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) asked for help from Lebanese residents.

She added that Lebanon has accepted the largest number of Syrian refugees relative to the population and the country's surface area. As Ms Janiec-Palczewska noted, more than half of the Syrian refugees and 10 percent of Lebanese people live in extreme poverty.

“Syrian refugees come to this country to look for work, housing and living conditions. The economic situation in Lebanon has deteriorated, 1.5 mln Lebanese of the country's four million citizens live below the poverty line, while 336,000 need humanitarian help. There are some regions in Lebanon where the number of Syrians is greater than the number of Lebanese,” the head of the foundation said.

Established in Poznań in 1992 on the initiative of physicians from the local medical university, the Redemptoris Missio foundation organises the visits of Polish doctors, nurses and medical students to mission countries, mainly in Africa. It has sent around 16,000 aid parcels and 230 doctors, dentists and medical students on aid missions around the world.