Venice Commission consciously violates its own statute: Justice Min

“If some institutions want to advise on the rule of law, it should respect the law itself,” said Minister of Justice, Zbigniew Ziobro in an interview for Polish public broadcaster TVP. Min Ziobro’s commented on the recent Venice Commission visit to Warsaw after the invitation of the Senate Speaker Tomasz Grodzki.

According to the Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro the Venice Commission violates its own statute to take part in political game in Poland.

Minister added that it is somehow symbolical that the secretary of the visiting group is a representative of the Russian Federation.

“Mr Putin’s representative comes here, to teach us, Poles, how to maintain the rule of law in our country. It’s funny,” commented Minister Ziobro.

Minister Ziobro assured that he is ready to meet the Venice Commission if it will be visiting Poland on an official invitation, during a legal state visit. According to the Polish constitution there are only two organs that can invite foreign visitors: the President of the Republic and Foreign Affairs Minister on behalf of the government.

“And if that’s how it is Mr. Senate Speaker had no right to invite the Venice Commission and the Commission had no right to accept it.” said the Justice Minister.

Minister of Justice also commented on the Saturday’s march of the judges associations, the so called “Thousand robes march”.

“I’ve seen the same initiatives organised in France where police brutally attacked protesting judges. In Poland nobody attacked the protesters, nobody violated law, judges were protected by police force” said Ziobro.

In the Minister’s opinion the judges protests are “full of mendacity and hypocrisy” and in truth are “a fight to remain privileged” and “an attack on our reforms”.