Huge jump in solar panel output in 2019: Minister

There has been a “real boom in prosumer solar panel installation,” according to the Energy Minister Michał Kurtyka, who was marking a new round of funding for domestic customers likely to be worth PLN 600 mln (EUR 145 mln) this year.

The total of PLN 1 bln (EUR 230 mln) allocated to the scheme would provide funding to subsidise up 200,000 householders who decide to invest in solar panels, which generate power and feed surpluses into the grid. This would produce a target of 1 GigaWatt per annum.

Households will be able to receive a subsidy of up to EUR 12,000 EUR over six years. The costs of the scheme are covered by gains over five years and thereafter the user will start to profit from the scheme, if energy costs continue to rise.

“We are expecting a slight return, but not much,” Maciek, a homeowner in a suburb South of Warsaw told PolandIN, who installed 16 roof panels on the family roof earlier this year, who said they decided to do it for ecological reasons .

Up until the end of December last year 27,000 homes installed panels under the scheme, producing a 152 MW of power on average each, giving a total of 700 MW. Funding of 131 mln was disbursed.

Poland is under time pressure if it is to attain 2030 Kyoto targets on reducing carbon emissions by increasing renewable energy. In 2018 Poland produced 0.5 GW from solar panels in comparison to two GW in the Czech Republic, 9.5 GW in France and 45 GW in Germany according to the International Renewable Energy Agency Statistics for 2019.