Majority of Poles are concerned about climate change

The Social Changes company survey asked the followers of different political parties about their opinion on climate change. A majority of 70 percent expressed their concern.

People worried about climate change prevail among the electorates of the two largest political parties, although the level of concern is clearly higher among voters of the Civic Coalition - 92 percent. - than among voters of Law and Justice - 64 percent.

Ten percent of respondents had no opinion on this matter.

It is also worth noting that - according to another study by Social Changes - Poles are not willing to give up coal as a source of energy if it would lead to higher bills. Only 29% of respondents would support such a move.

The study shows that the electorates of the two largest parties have different views on this matter. Only 20% of PiS followers would agree to such a change over a short period of time, with 57 percent of Civic Coalition supporters willing.