Most Poles think foreigners should be free to work in Poland - poll

In a survey by the public opinion research centre CBOS, most Poles (62 percent) said that foreigners should be free to work in Poland while 29 percent expressed the opinion that their access to the Polish labour market should be limited.

Four percent expressed the view that foreigners should not be permitted to work in Poland.

Asked about the home country of most immigrants coming to work in Poland, 93 percent said it was Ukraine. Twenty-three percent said it was Belarus and 21 percent said the same about Vietnam. China took fourth place (12 percent).

According to the Office for Foreigners, the largest number of immigrants come to Poland from Ukraine. They are followed by Belarusians, Germans, Russians and Vietnamese.

In the opinion of 74 percent of respondents, foreigners coming to Poland from non-EU countries have a good influence on the Polish economy, only 13 percent of respondents did not agree with this view.

CBOS carried out the survey on November 7-17, 2019, on a sample of 944 adult Poles using the computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) technique.