Putin’s words on the outbreak of WWII cannot be ignored: MEPs

The distortion of history by the Russian president Vladimir Putin and shifting the responsibility for the unleashing of World War II to Poland cannot be ignored - said MEPs on Tuesday the day before the debate on this subject in Strasbourg.

Analysis: Putin’s offensive against Poland

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, attacked the pre-WWII authorities of Poland, accusing them of plotting together with Adolf Hitler.

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On Wednesday, at the request of the European People's Party, which includes PO and PSL, MEPs will debate the misrepresentation of European history and the memory of World War II in connection with recent speeches by the President of Russia. "Today, we stand together with Poland to defend the true history of Europe and the real history of World War II. We are together with Poland against this unprecedented propaganda" - said the former Lithuanian Prime Minister, currently EPL MEP Andrius Kubilius at a press conference in Strasbourg.

As Mr Kubilius pointed out, there is still no answer to the question why Putin decided on such statements. According to Kubilius, it may be about the heritage of his own rule in Russia and the fact that the Kremlin is not politically successful after 20 years of rule by Putin.

"There is no acceptance for distorting historical facts (...). We must react, because these words may be different aggression, invasion and authoritarianism as political instruments" - said the head of the PO-PSL delegation in the EP Andrzej Halicki.

He was assisted by German MEP Michael Gahler, who said he was outraged when President Putin accused Poland of provoking the War. "I can repeat again, as we have always said, that criminal energy came from Germany that found an ally in the Soviet Union" - emphasized the politician.

The former head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Radosław Sikorski expressed his hope that one day Russia would join the "family of European nations". He made a reservation that this could only happen on the basis of truth.

Polish parliament condemns Russian lies about history

Sejm, the lower house of the Polish parliament, passed unanimously a resolution expressing objection to manipulations of facts and historic lies by...

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Russia’s campaign against Poland

Russia intends to submit a resolution to the Council of Europe, criticising Poland for "historical lies and manipulation of facts" regarding the outbreak of World War II. The resolution would be a response to the recent resolution adopted by the Polish Sejm condemning provocative and untrue statements of Russian representatives, including President Vladimir Putin.

The submission of a motion for a resolution to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe was announced by the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Russian Duma Leonid Słucki.

Mr Słucki noted that Russian MPs will now discuss the motion for a resolution with representatives of other countries and encourage them to support it. However, before submitting the project, the Russians want to be sure that the resolution will be adopted, and "Poles who are trying to blur history will not succeed."

“Our task is to consistently speak the truth to those who are not aware of what is happening today in Warsaw,” said Słucki.

He added that the aim of the Duma’s initiative is to make "more politicians in Europe realise what events are taking place in Poland and what decisions are made there."

In December, President Putin, criticising the September resolution of the European Parliament regarding the unleashing of World War II, stated that it was not caused by the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, but by the Munich Pact of 1938. He also emphasized Poland's use of the Munich Agreement to implement territorial claims regarding some Czechoslovakian territory. He also argued that in September 1939 the Red Army in Brest did not fight with the Poles, and in this context "the Soviet Union did not receive anything from Poland".

Last week, the Polish parliament, the Sejm, condemned the provocative and untrue statements of the highest Russian authorities trying to blame Poland for the outbreak of World War II.