Health bars for unhealthy lifestyle

Specialists from the Pomeranian Medical University (PUM) in Szczecin, north-west Poland, created a prebiotic bar for people with sedentary lifestyles and fibre buns for people suffering from hepatic steatosis.

Scientists from PUM were trying to find better ways to support bacterial flora of bowels. Such an improvement might not only help digestive systems, but also improve the mood.

“We decided to do something for people with constipation and difficulty managing their weight. Using our recipe, a local baker Jan Tabiński prepared bars containing only healthy ingredients,” Professor Ewa Stachowska of PUM said.

She added that it aims to help people doing sedentary work - clerks, drivers or IT specialists. Professor Stachowska stressed that people who had such problems, showed improvement after the first weeks of tests.

“Even now they say that they observe the effect, even though 6-7 months have passed since they ate the bars,” she said. The bars taste like gingerbread, the natural spices have an anti-oxidation effect,

The fibre buns, tasting like rye baked products were also created with the cooperation of a local producer. They are intended to help people with hepatic steatosis, in most cases with obesity.

“There are more and more such people, there is an avalanche of new cases,” Ms Stachowska said.