Poland to exceed 2 pct GDP threshold in 2020 defence spending

Over PLN 49 bn (EUR 11.6 bn) was allocated for defence spending in the draft budget for 2020. The announcement was made on Thursday by the Ministry of Defence to the parliamentary defence committee, which also positively assessed it.

The sum amounts to 2.1 pct of Poland's GDP, and represents a desire for the modernisation and financing of the armed forces, which will see a gradual increase in defence spending, due to reach 2.5 percent by the year 2030.

Nearly a quarter of the defence ministry’s budget, PLN 12.4 bn (EUR 2.93 bn) was set aside for personnel expenses, primarily the salaries of soldiers and army personnel.

As the Ministry pointed out, the upgrade of equipment and infrastructure, such as the purchase of weapons and equipment, as well as the construction investments, renovations and modernisations constitute more than 29 percent of the defence budget.

The largest planned modernisation expenditure amounting to a total of EUR 1.45 bn was allocated for the upgrade of rocket and artillery forces. Nearly EUR 203,000 was earmarked for the modernisation of armoured and mechanised forces, while EUR 190 mln was set to be spent for the upgrade of air defence systems.

Poland has been repeatedly praised for its defence investment by the US, as the country was one of the few NATO member states which met the minimum defence spending requirement of at least 2 percent GDP over the last two years.