Half a million Poles applied for settled status in UK

More than 500,000 Polish citizens living in the UK have applied for settled status which enables them to remain in Britain after Brexit scheduled for January 31.

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According to the British Home Office, Poles make the largest group of the citizens of the EU countries who applied for settled status. Polish citizens were around 19 percent of a total of 2.8 mln people who submitted their applications. Around 2.5 mln have already received the settled status.

Brandon Lewis, a deputy Home Secretary, who is responsible for the process called the result as fantastic. He said that Poles brought a great deal to the UK as people's friends, families and neighbours.

Mr Lewis also emphasised that the process of applying for settled status is free and simple, that more than 1,500 staff were involved in supporting claimants, and encouraged all those who had not yet done so to submit their applications.

In order to claim settled status, which enables EU citizens and their families to remain in the UK after it leaves the EU, it is necessary to prove identity, show that the claimant lives in the UK and declare any convictions. EU citizens have until June 30, 2021, to submit an application.

Statistics show that a little over 900,000 Polish citizens are living in the UK. Britain is scheduled to leave the EU on January 31.