Europe under threat unless Russia accepts its own difficult history: MFA

“In 1945 the Red Army entered Warsaw and its forces stayed in Poland for 48 years. This meant decades of communist oppression. Unless Russia accepts its own difficult history, Europe will be under threat,” Poland’s Foreign Affairs Ministry tweeted commenting on Russia’s recent historical offensive.

“Whitewashing Soviet crimes of the past is a threat for today,” the MFA added.

The ministry also tweeted that the “Soviet-brought communism caused Poland's economic bankruptcy by forced and unfair economic deals and natural resources exploitation.”
It is also on Friday, January 17 that Moscow celebrates the “75th anniversary of Warsaw's liberation by the Red Army” during WWII. The Russian capital will be witness to a fireworks show and honorary artillery salvos. For Poland, however, the entry of the Soviet troops into Warsaw has a bitter taste.

Poland’s deputy FM Paweł Jabłoński said on Friday that “on January 17, 1945, the Red Army marched into Warsaw, ruined during the Warsaw Rising. The Red Army watched from the other side of the Vistula River during the Rising while Warsaw was being destroyed. This was no liberation, this was an imposition of new communist enslavement and that is something we must remember.”

“Red Army liberated Warsaw from Nazi occupation but it didn’t mean liberty for Poland,” Poland’s MFA tweeted.