PM vows greater investment in sports infrastructure

PLN 2.3 billion (EUR 542 million) has been earmarked over the last 4 years for the development of sports infrastructure, Poland’s PM Morawiecki said on Saturday, and promised to further increase the spending.

Remarking on the PLN 2.3 billion government spending, Mr Morawiecki said Poland had never before experienced a period of investment in sports infrastructure of this size.

The PM also said the spending would increase over the government's coming term.

The commitment was given at the north central Polish city of Bydgoszcz’s Gwiazda (Star) Sports Club, which was celebrating its centenary. The PM said investment in sport was a "great chance for Polish sport and a healthy society."

The official also said he was proud that children were doing sports and growing up as the next generation of Olympians. During his stay, Mr Morawiecki had the opportunity to play a table tennis friendly against Poland’s second-best junior player Karolina Hołda and an award-winning, former world and Europe champion Leszek Kucharski.

Interestingly, the last time Mr Morawiecki, once a potential professional table tennis player, faced off Leszek Kucharski was 38 years ago in Wrocław.

For her part, Sports Minister Danuta Dmowska-Andrzejuk said that the government “wants to secure funds for the development of sports and its infrastructure,” adding that her dream was that “as many children and youth do sports as possible. We must tackle the issues of obesity and postural defects.”