85 concepts for Battle of Warsaw monument submitted

As many as 85 concepts have been submitted and approved as part of the competition for the design of the Battle of Warsaw monument, the capital monument preservationist Michał Krasucki reported.

The concept submission deadline elapsed on December 31, 2019. The 85 participants are all to submit their completed designs to the inspector of listed buildings by February 14.

The designs will be evaluated by a jury of 20, consisting of Deputy Culture Minister Jarosław Sellin, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw Renata Kanowska, councilmen, architects, historians and urbanists.

The winner of the competition will be awarded a prize of PLN 50,000 (EUR 11,790), the first runner up will receive PLN 25,000 (EUR 5,895) and there is also a sum of PLN 15,000 (EUR 3,537) for third place.

The monument must involve the use of water, i.e. fountains, and be surrounded by large swaths of green. The form of the monument should embody the unification of Polish society in spite of its deep political divides in the face of a common threat.

Marek Kornat, a Sovietologist responsible for setting down the ideological criteria that the monument needs to meet, said that it would also be desirable for the monument to stress that the battle was a military confrontation of Poles with the first totalitarian state, not the Russian nation.

Announced on December 6, 2019, the competition is for a sculptural architectural design of a monument to commemorate the Battle of Warsaw that took place in August 1920 between the newly independent Republic of Poland and the forces of Soviet Russia. The Soviet army which was closing in on the Polish capital was repelled and a counteroffensive was launched, ultimately expelling the Soviets from Poland.

It is also expected that the monument highlights the importance of the victory not only for Poland but for the entire Europe. The organisers made explicit their desire that the monument should stress that the Battle of Warsaw turned out victorious for Poles thanks to exclusively Polish endeavours.

The monument is to be erected at the Warsaw “Na Rozdrożu” Square. The competition requires participants to demonstrate their solutions for the development of the square that currently hosts a fountain at its centre.

The government and city authorities plan for the monument to be unveiled on the centenary of the Battle of Warsaw on August 15, 2020.