PM: We have just started to fight ‘anti-polonism’

In an interview for Do Rzeczy weekly on Monday, PM Mateusz Morawiecki said that the government has begun fighting “anti-polonism”, and the “fight for the truth abroad can lead to big improvements in seeing the actual, historical truth.”

“Politics and the approach to history shouldn’t divide Poland and Israel. Both countries fell victim to the same criminals. Primarily German, but also Soviet, communist, experienced in large measure by Poles. We are connected by common history and common suffering,” the Prime Minister said.

Poland’s PM was asked i.a. about the declaration he signed with Israel’s PM concerning a common fight against anti-semitism and anti-polonism.

“Anti-polonism appeared for the first time in the declaration [signed by PM Morawiecki and PM Netanyahu], so there are several years of hard work ahead of us, as we’ve been fighting anti-semitism for dozens of years across the world,” he said.

In relation to President Duda’s decision not to take part in the Yad Vashem commemoration of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp, PM Morawiecki said that as the event is co-organised by President Putin’s associates, and Poland’s President was denied the possibility to conduct a speech, he had no option but to refuse attendance. “Should we listen to lies when we cannot speak the truth? No. That [situation] has passed.”

The Prime Minister also said that Poland is prepared for further attacks. “When the country’s social situation is worsening… Russia is looking for an external enemy in order to unite society against a vivid goal,” PM Morawiecki said.