‘Indifference more dangerous than ignorance’: Auschwitz museum director

In advance of the 75th commemoration of the liberation of Auschwitz German Nazi concentration camp PolandIN interviewed Piotr Cywiński, the Director of Auschwitz Museum.

Watch the full interview here.

The Director of Auschwitz Museum Piotr Cywiński said that over two million now visit the Auschwitz site each year and that these figures are growing by five percent year on year. But despite the growing interest he felt that indifference was even more harmful than ignorance, citing how little public reaction there was to the genocide that took place in Rohingya.

Mr Cywiński felt that the increasing number of visitors was explained by a growing interest in history, more emphasis on education about the Holocaust and the availability of relatively cheaper transport in Europe. He cited a Korean visitor who told him that he had to come to Auschwitz to “understand Europe” as an example of how many people viewed the tragic site of Auschwitz.

Auschwitz Museum which commemorates over a million people murdered in Auschwitz was visited by 2.3 million last year. They saw the camp and exhibitions explaining the genocide and paying homage to the efforts of those in the Polish underground resistance movement who smuggled information out of the death camp to raise awareness of the unfolding tragedy.

The 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz will take place on Monday, January 27. The commemoration will focus on the survivors who are still alive and on the history of the concentration camp. The Director of the Auschwitz Museum feels that the testimony of the survivors rather than political speeches remains the best riposte to any lingering doubters and deniers of the Holocaust.