Poles most numerous rescuers of Jews during Holocaust

Poles constituted the most numerous national group which rescued Jews during the Holocaust – something evidenced by Jewish survivors and courageous Poles such as Witold Pilecki. This evidence clearly contradicts Putin’s lies about Polish history.

“The Polish people sympathised with Jews and helped them in every possible way. The solidarity of the Polish people has two aspects: firstly, it was common suffering, and secondly, the fight against inhumane occupiers… The ghetto walls did not divide Jews from Poles,” Szmul Zygielbojm wrote in 1942 in London in his book entitled “Stop Them Now: German Mass Murder of Jews in Poland.”

Then there was Witold Pilecki, a Polish underground soldier, who went down in history as the first person to inform the Western Allies about the Holocaust. But besides Pilecki there was a whole organisation called “Żegota” that was controlled by the Polish-government-in-exile. Its goal was to help Jews escape the Holocaust.

But Polish efforts at saving Jews reached beyond Poland’s borders. The Ładoś Group was a secret initiative of Poland’s Ambassador to Berne Aleksander Ładoś, his fellow diplomats and Jewish activists aimed at providing Jews with about 5,000 forged Latin American passports. This probably resulted in saving 3,000 Jews from Nazi German gas chambers.