Polish President Andrzej Duda takes stage in Davos

Polish President Andrzej Duda has travelled to Davos in Switzerland for the 50th World Economic Forum. President Duda’s first day at the ski resorts was dedicated to economic matters.

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The President told journalists that he had first met with business leaders to discuss economic development in Poland, followed by participating in a panel discussing Central Eastern Europe.

During his meeting with the press, President Duda stated that he is pleased with Poland having been portrayed multiple times by other participants as a country which has swift economic growth and serving as both a leader and an example for others in the region to follow.

The President also pointed to the fact that large investments are developing quickly in Poland, such as road and railway infrastructure as well as the planned mega-airport called the “Solidarity Transport Hub”. The development of some of Poland’s largest cities, such as Kraków and Wrocław, turning into business hubs and attracting foreign investment were also praised by the President.

Environmental concerns were another topic at the press briefing with the president stating Poland will transform its energy sector to be in line with the EU’s climate goals but that the process to move away from coal will be costly and has to be introduced gradually. President Duda stressed that the fight against smog is paramount for the well-being of Poles.

The president was present for the opening of “Polish House” during the day, a promotional initiative jointly organised by Poland’s largest bank PKO and the insurance giant PZU. Presentations, conferences and debates will all take place at the Polish house. Foreign investors will be able to meet with both representatives of the Polish government and some of the country’s largest private businesses.

President Duda lauded the initiative, saying it was important that Poland’s presence in Davos has become more visible in recent years. The President will take part in the World Economic Forum until Thursday.