Services to react to China coronavirus alerts with due care: Chief Sanitary Inspector

Our border and sanitary services are well prepared and will respond to any disturbing alerts regarding the new coronavirus that has appeared in China with due care, Jarosław Pinkas, Poland’s Chief Sanitary Inspector told journalists on Tuesday.

“Above all, however, we should remain calm,” he said, at the same time advising doctors to stay vigilant.

The Chief Sanitary Inspector also said that people that are susceptible to diseases who were planning to go on a trip to China in the near future should postpone it.

Mr Pinkas added that aircrew are properly trained and will stay on their guard during this period. Warsaw Chopin Airport services are also monitoring the situation to prepare the facility for various scenarios.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Chinese sanitary authorities announced that the pneumonia-inducing new SARS-like coronavirus can spread among people. In Wuhan, where the epidemic broke out, a fourth person was confirmed dead due to this infection. As reported by the Chinese National Health Commission on Monday, the official number of all infections in China has increased to 291.