Poland represents whole of Central-Eastern Europe at Davos: bank head

The World Economic Forum is underway in Davos and according to Poland’s second-largest bank Pekao SA head, Marek Lusztyn investment opportunities in Poland and the region of Central-Eastern Europe has drawn a lot of attention to the Polish pavilion.

Polish President Andrzej Duda takes stage in Davos

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“A lot of people stepped into the Polish House, asking about investment opportunities… not just in Poland but also the other countries of [Central-Eastern Europe],” said Mr Lusztyn.

Just like last year, the publicly traded insurance company PZU and the bank, Pekao SA are promoting Poland at Davos via the so-called “Polish House”, where visitors are able to acquire information regarding investment opportunities in the region and also on Poland and its neighbours’ economy.

Visitors “take note of the fact that the entire central-eastern European region represents more or less the same level of institutional development while growing very fast,” said Pekao SA head, adding that “they find the central-eastern European economy an important part of the European market.”

“In comparison to economies of other countries represented at Davos, especially the well-developed ones, the Polish economy stands out very favourably,” said Mr Lusztyn, adding that Poland’s economy “has been enjoying unceasing economic growth for the past 30 years, which is an unusual phenomenon amongst the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development [OECD] member states.”

Mr Lusztyn went on to highlight that “even the financial crisis of 2008 did not cause a recession in Poland.”

For his part, the head of PZU Paweł Surówka said that “Davos is a place for Polish companies building their international position.”

The Polish House at the World Economic Forum in Davos was opened on Tuesday by President Andrzej Duda. This year the house’s motto is “#Growing Europe”.