New Israeli ambassador wants Poland and Israel to “move on”

PolandIN interviewed the Israeli Ambassador to Poland Alexander Ben Zvi. He argued that Poland and Israel should not dwell too much on past history but should move on to expand economic and cultural ties and do more together on the international stage.

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Israel’s Ambassador to Poland is keen to move on from disputes about history which have sometimes riddled Polish-Israeli relations. He called Poland and Israel’s relations akin to that of a family, where some disputes are bound to happen, but argues that Poland is one of the friendliest countries in Europe towards Israel.

In terms of improving relations, Alexander Ben Zvi sees economic, cultural and international security contacts as the most important. He hopes to see more exchanges between young people and between cities, and is anxious for history “not to be a plan for the future”.

The Ambassador singled out three fields for enhanced cooperation in which the countries could learn from each other, namely cybersecurity, water management and IT development. Mr Ben Zvi also hopes that tourist traffic between the two countries would grow and was pleased to note that 300,000 Israelis visited Poland last year and that there are now 60 flights each week between the countries.