Pole whooshes to European short track bronze

Poland’s Natalia Maliszewska, also known in the speed-skating milieu as “the Chicken”, came third in the 2020 European Short Track Speed Skating Championships finale in Debrecen, Hungary, on Saturday.

At the finishing line of the 500 m track, Maliszewska was overtaken only by Dutch Suzanne Schulting, who came first, and Italian Martina Valcepina. Maliszewska tried her best to get ahead of Valcepina but she would not leave enough space for the manoeuvre.

Besides Maliszewska, Poland fielded two other representatives – Nicola Mazur and Kamila Stormowska.

A slide-in for the podium

In the quarterfinals, Petra Jászapáti collided with Arianna Fontana – a mishap and a windfall for Stromowska who seized the opportunity and finished first.

Mazur was not that lucky. She violated the rules while struggling with Yara van Kerkhof for second place, found herself penalised by the referees and thus did not make it to the semifinals.

Both of the Polish skaters participated in the same semifinal run but it was Maliszewska who took the lead and decisively darted to the finishing line first, despite the bold attempts of van Ruijven to overtake her. Stormowska, however, underperformed coming in 5th.

Men’s performance

As regards men’s short track speed skating, Poland is represented by Rafał Anikiej and Paweł Adamski, the former successfully passed the qualifiers. “his 500 m run especially deserves much praise,” TVP Sport wrote.

The semifinals proved challenging for Ankiej, who finished fourth and made it to the B-finals. There he surpassed Dmitry Migunov and, in the end, was ranked 6th. Meanwhile, in the 1,500 m run Ankiej finished in 10th position on the championship ranking.