Traces of Poles can be found almost anywhere: traveler

A new show coming soon to PolandIN called “Polish Traces” tells the stories of Krzysztof Puternicki’s travel adventures. He has journeyed all the way from Eastern Europe to South Africa in search of Poles living abroad.

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Fresh from his travels to Tallinn and Riga, Mr Puternicki told PolandIN about his findings and cultural differences between the countries and contrasted them with Poland. He also examined the conditions and challenges that Poles abroad meet on a daily basis.

Mr Puternicki said the catalyst for embarking on the project came about on trip from Cairo to Cape Town, when he stumbled across traces of Poles almost everywhere he went, even in the middle of a rainforest in Malawi.

He feels that these people’s stories are worth telling to a wider audience, as the time away from Poland has given them a different perspective of their homeland.

Krzysztof Puternicki pointed out that generally speaking Poles are capable of assimilating well and would often take jobs which native people usually avoid, consequently they are often seen by local people as hard-working.