Gdynia is the ‘first city ready to go’ with 5G: expert

Gdynia makes a great test case, as it is a port city, with a lot of tourists but it is also the first city which ‘is ready to go’ from a technical point of view, Sascha Fahrbach, a cybersecurity influencer told PolandIN.

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Each country in the EU is required to have at least one major city hooked up to 5G services by the end of 2020. Gdynia’s first network provider will be Play, which Sascha Fahrbach says relies on Huawei technology but with components from both ZTE and Ericsson. The city will be first because the network is at the most advanced stage in preparations for starting services.

Testing has also been done by Orange and TMobile in Warsaw. Both operators say they will be able to roll out services at other sites during 2020.

“It is all about speed,” Mr Fahrbach said.” “Tenfold what 4G was able to provide. We are looking at incredible uploads and downloads of video and IoT, the Internet of things.”