Fighting smog: Police to control exhaust emission

Police officers will control the exhaust emission of cars as well as their overall technical conditions to eliminate the ones that pollute environment most.

Another day of anti-smog campaign in Poland

Police officers all over Poland conduct “SMOG” campaign which aims to eliminate cars whose technical condition may violate the norms of...

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The officers will especially take a look at cars that are seriously suspected of violating the environmental regulations. The Traffic Office of the Police Headquarters announced that in case of those norms, the police is obliged to withhold the registration document of the car.

Moreover, the police will check the technical condition of cars. During the controls, the officers will use opacimeters and exhaust analysers.

Owners of cars in bad condition can also be fined with a ticket up to PLN 500 (EUR 116.89), even if not driving.

In 2018 during the “Smog” campaign, the officers controlled more than 275,000 cars and detected over 2,000 irregularities and seized nearly 8,000 registration documents.

A year later they checked nearly 291,000 vehicles, finding around 3,000 irregularities and halted more than 13,500 documents.

It is estimated that around 45,000-50,000 people in Poland die every year due to problems and diseases caused by the smog and low-quality air. The majority of the pollution, including suspended particulate matters PM 2.5 and PM 10 and benzo(a)pyrene is emitted by the municipal sector and transport.