Hammer and chisel used to remove elephant’s tusk root in Poznań ZOO

A root of a tusk of 20 y/o Ninio elephant from the zoo in Poznań, western Poland was successfully removed.

Poznań ZOO elephant undergoes dental surgery

On Monday, doctors from the Republic of South Africa removed elephant Ninio’s only remaining tusk, as it was badly infected.

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Vets from South Africa came specially to Poland to undertake the surgery. Ninio’s tusk was removed in August, but due to the condition of the elephant, the procedure was not concluded with the extraction of its root.

The doctors who were involved in the procedure estimated that it will only last for two hours. “They said that they have never seen such deep and spread root of a tusk. But they managed to clear it and the patient is coming awake,” Małgorzata Chodyła, a spokesperson of the zoo said.

To remove the root, professors Gerhard Steenkamp and Adrian Tordiffe from the University of Pretoria, South Africa, had to use such tools as a hammer, a drill and a chisel.

The root of the tusk had to be removed because its presence caused relapses of the inflammations.

According to Ms Chodyła, Ninio feels well after the procedure. “Its consciousness returns, but it will have to get up on its own. The process of waking up takes longer, but the medicine has better pain-killing capabilities,” she said, explaining why the doctors used another sedative than in August.

Ninio is 20-year-old and weighs more than five tonnes.