Spanish foundation thanks Poland for rescuing tigers

The Animal Advocacy and Protection (AAP) foundation from Spain expressed their thanks to Poland for saving a group of tigers stranded at the Polish-Belarusian border in October 2019.

Saved tigers from Poznań Zoo arrive at Spanish sanctuary

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On Wednesday, AAP thanked Poland for rescuing the animals. “We thank our Polish friends, who displayed great involvement in helping the tigers,” representatives of the foundation told Polish Press Agency.

On October 26, the Belarusian Border Guard halted transport of ten tigers which were en route to Dagestan in Russia due to the lack of required veterinary documentation. One of them subsequently died.

Five felines were sent to the APP foundation thanks to supporting from Dutch organisation Animal Advocates. The remaining four stay in Poznań zoo and a private zoo in Człuchów in the west and north-west Poland respectively.

The foundation announced on Wednesday that the animals were under the care of specialists and their condition was steadily improving.