More coronavirus cases to appear outside China: WHO representative

How is the Chinese coronavirus spreading, will it reach Poland and what precautions can anyone take to help prevent virus infection - these are some questions Poland IN asked Paloma Cuchí from the World Health Organisation (WHO) regarding the 2019-nCoV from Wuhan.

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The new virus produces flu-like symptoms, such as fever and respiratory problems, which may vary from mild to severe. There are still many questions lying ahead of the scientists, among them, how does the coronavirus transmit and what is its incubation period.

In the opinion of Paloma Cuchí, the virus most likely spreads from animals to people, but until the source is confirmed, it is better to refrain from speculating.

Due to the viruses’ ability to mutate, sometimes it is impossible to predict and prevent the epidemy. PolandIN’s guest stated that her organisation tries to tackle the new coronavirus based on the knowledge gathered regarding the spread of other similar viruses, such as SARS and MERS.

Ms Cuchí said that the WHO expects more cases to appear outside of China. The organisation cooperates with governments across the globe to apply precautionary measures.

On an individual level Ms Cuchí suggests staying away from people who are sneezing, washing hands carefully and not to reuse disposable face masks. She advises people to contact the doctor immediately if they experience respiratory problems.