Weimar Triangle meeting date proposed by French President

Polish President Andrzej Duda said he has been invited by his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron to a meeting of the tri-state (France, Germany, Poland) Weimar Triangle which is set to take place on July 14.

During Tuesday’s press conference, Andrzej Duda confirmed that the meeting is yet to be officially confirmed. If so, apart from the heads of states of Poland and France, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel will also participate in the summit.

The Polish President expressed satisfaction that the meeting would take place, especially amidst the changes happening within the EU.

"It's a very important signal, especially when such important changes are happening within the EU, and in the context of shifts that are taking place in the wake of Brexit," he stated.

According to President Duda, it is always worth talking to the highest representatives of the French and German governments about the future of Europe and the EU.

"They are the most powerful countries in Europe today," the President said. "We are also one of the largest EU states and I'm glad that the meeting will happen," he concluded.

Weimar Triangle meetings, particularly between foreign ministers, were relatively regular prior to 2016. However, they began to take on less significance in more recent years, leading to former Polish foreign minister, Witold Waszczykowski stating that grouping has lost its relevance for his country. Indeed the last meeting involving heads of states, in the Weimar Triangle format was in Warsaw was back in 2011.

The group was initially set up in the early 1990’s to promote cooperation between Poland, Germany and France in crisis zones, as Poland made the transition from communist rule.