Polish medieval architecture is perfect backdrop for Witcher universe

The recent Netflix series, has triggered a spate of enthusiasts further exploring Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher universe. One of the most intriguing of those is the fan-made Alzur’s Legacy: PolandIN’s guests were the film’s director Jakub Nurzyński and the co-writer Brunon Hawryluk.

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As both directors admitted, it was the low budget that determined the choice of locations, so almost the whole film was shot in the Mazowieckie province, central Poland. In spite of that, they managed to find a decent, picturesque castle in Iłża, where a couple of scenes, including the battle, were filmed.

Although shooting in remote locations without a sufficient budget is very tricky, Poland has plenty of castles, hills, valleys, ravines and woods that could become must-see points for those wishing to take a Witcher-themed journey. Numerous castles, most notably, the Ogrodzieniec which appeared in the series by Netflix, are situated in the Silesia region, and they provide a perfect fantasy backdrop for enthusiasts of the series. Central Poland’s Kuligów village, in turn, is home to an open-air folk culture museum.