Poland to build 100 new ring roads

Poland’s Infrastructure Minister, Andrzej Adamczyk announced that Poland will spend an estimated PLN 28 bln (EUR 6.55 bln) on the 100 Ring Roads Programme to be implemented between 2020 and 2030.

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Minister Adamczyk said the large-scale road scheme still has to be officially approved by the cabinet, however preliminary layouts of 43 ring roads have already been drafted. It is expected that the first tenders will be announced by the end of the year, he added.

The programme will focus on towns and cities with heavy transit traffic as well as those where road safety is at risk, Adamczyk's deputy, Rafał Weber, said during a press conference on Saturday.

Mr Weber added that social and economic factors will also be taken into consideration while choosing municipalities that need ring roads the most, because this type of investment boosts the regions' economic growth.

“Poles have the right to use safe roads. Poles have the right to municipalities without traffic jams and without the stench of fumes and noise that goes along with traffic. Poles have the right to the use of safe and conveniently located roads,” emphasised Minister Adamczyk during the conference.

The program will be financed by the National Road Fund, managed by the BGK state development bank, and EU funds.