Third person dies after being hit by roof blown off by winter storm Ciara

A third person has died from wounds sustained after strong winds blew off the roof of a ski rental on Rusiński Wierch Mountain in southern Poland.

A 52-year-old mother and her 15-year old daughter were killed on the spot. A 16-year-old boy, related to the family, and a 21-year-old woman, the older sister and daughter of the two deceased, were taken to hospital. Hours later, representatives from the hospital announced that the young woman had succumbed to her wounds. The father of the family, who was present at the site of the disaster, had to be hospitalised due to emotional trauma.

The family had just arrived at the ski resort of Białka Tatrzańska in southern Poland and were at a parking lot when the disaster struck. The gusts of wind have been particularly strong in the mountains as the winter storm Ciara passes over Poland. However, witnesses say that it wasn’t very windy at the moment when the ski rental’s roof blew off.

The prosecutor’s office has launched an investigation, issuing a preliminary statement indicating that the roof of the ski rental had not been secured in an appropriate manner and that the construction at the site, which was a modified semitrailer, had not been registered with the authorities.

The windy weather is expected to continue in the coming days, with wind speeds up to 160 km/h expected in the mountains on Tuesday February 11th and 110 km/h the following day.