I categorically reject idea of Polexit: President Duda

Prompted by allegations of opposition Civic Coalition (KO) that ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party is leading the country towards Polexit, Poland’s icumbent President and candidate in the May 10 presidential elections explicitly rejected the idea of Poland leaving the EU.

Mr Duda said: “I categorically reject Polexit. I want Poland to be a member of the EU. I want us to continue enjoying the benefits that we have been reaping from this membership.”

“I am not talking about financial benefits alone. I am also talking about common benefits such as freedom, the freedom of movement, open borders, the ability to travel, the sense of freedom,” said President Duda.

“Today we live in a free country. We may travel wherever we will. We may travel with our national IDs in our pockets across Schengen member states with no one IDing us at all. That is truly beautiful. And that is precisely because we are an EU member,” said Poland’s president.

Green matters

Regarding some voters’ anxieties regarding the climate and preservation of the natural environment, Mr Duda said that “a whole range of actions have been undertaken with this regard… such as the signing of the Dolna Odra powerplant redevelopment plan that will result in the replacement of coal with gas as an energy source.” He added that “off-shore wind farms will be constructed in Poland in the coming decades.”

In 2018 “we produced 200 MW of solar energy, [in 2019] we produced 1,500 MW,” said Mr Duda, adding that together with his wife, First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda, he had initiated a tree-planting initiative that could reduce the quantity of CO2 in the atmosphere.

“We must transform our energy [policy], we must transform our industry, however, we must be doing it in such a manner as not to endanger the stability of our economy, the jobs, nor the lives of our families. This is an essential matter of the life security of my compatriots,” said President Duda.

In terms of the presidential campaign, Mr Duda expressed his wish for the heat of the run for the presidency “not to upset Polish citizens. I would like the people in Poland to really live peacefully. That’s what I am really concerned about.” The president added that the presidential campaign should require that the contenders “observer certain standards.”

President Andrzej Duda will run for re-election in the May 10 presidential elections.