Warsaw City Hall to invest millions in additional police patrols

Warsaw City Hall has signed an agreement on additional service in 2020 with the Capital Police Department (KSP), which raises the number of patrols to over 21,000 at the cost of PLN 5.8 mln (EUR 1.36 mln) paid from the city budget.

The additional patrols will be sent to the least safe areas of Warsaw indicated by the capital’s inhabitants as part of the “safe neighbourhood” scheme. Approximately 130 such zones are indicated by citizens every month. These areas are put under special scrutiny of the KSP. If the safety of such a zone improves throughout the month, patrols are redirected to other parts of the city reported by citizens.

As many as 209 perpetrators of crimes and petty offences were detained, 49,641 people were IDed, a total of 24,529 individuals were cautioned, and a total of 15,094 were fined in 2019 thanks to additional police patrols.

The City Hall stressed that because of its year-long initiatives to improve security in Warsaw, including financial support for the police, Warsaw is considered one of the safest cities in Poland.

According to the city authorities’ latest survey, 92 percent of respondents feel safe taking strolls in their neighbourhood after dusk and 92 percent feel that it’s safe and quiet in the vicinity of their residence.

Broken down, the PLN 5.8 mln (EUR 1.36 mln) consists of PLN 5 mln (EUR 1.17 mln) spent on additional police patrols, PLN 500,000 (EUR 117,450) on police horse grooming, purchase of riding equipment and police dog accessories, and also PLN 300,000 (EUR 70,465) on money prizes.