'Zenek', movie about Disco Polo star, premieres in Warsaw

The official premiere of the movie “Zenek”, based on the life of one of Poland’s greatest Disco Polo music stars, Zenon Martyniuk, has taken place in Warsaw.

Disco Polo, a genre of popular dance music influenced by Polish folk music and Italo-disco, has few other profiles as well-known as 50-year-old Zenon Martyniuk from the eastern province of Podlasie.

Born in the years of political and economical transformation at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s, Disco Polo is currently experiencing a revival. Zenon Martyniuk has been one of its most famous artists since starting the two-man band “Akcent” in 1989.

One of his greatest hits, “Because of your green eyes” (Przez twe oczy zielone) has more than 200 million views on YouTube. The huge popularity of the Disco Polo vocalist has been adopted by filmmakers. The movie “Zenek”, produced by the Polish public TV broadcaster TVP, tells the story of the phenomenon behind Zenon Martyniuk and his rise to fame from harsh living-conditions in Podlasie, one of Poland’s poorest provinces.

Martyniuk, who appeared in person for the film’s premiere, stated that he was thrilled with being able to watch some of his life’s most important moments on the big screen.

He also revealed that a second movie could be in the making, depicting his life after 2004, which is when the first movie finishes.

The movie, which is expected to be one of the Polish blockbusters of 2020, will have a second screening in Białystok before it’s rolled out in cinemas across the country on the opening date February 14th.