Tax avoidance scam accumulated over EUR 2 bln

A total of 18 people were apprehended and 60 places were swept by the officers of Central Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA), Border Guard and Military Police which thwarted an international group which reportedly transferred more than PLN 8.5 bn (EUR 2 bn) abroad.

Anti-Corruption Bureau busts VAT fraud ring

Poland’s Anticorruption Bureau has detained nine people working in a crime ring for allegedly extorting over EUR 4.6 mln (PLN 20 mln) VAT tax from...

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The investigation conducted by CBA and the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw has been taking place for several months.

According to their findings, the criminal group used a Polish payment institution to transfer PLN 8.6 bn (EUR 2.02 bn) to Asian countries. Their activities took place between 2016 and 2019.

The huge amounts reportedly derived from unpaid taxes. The group acted in 26 companies managed by Polish, Chinese, Ukrainian and Vietnamese nationals. Most of the entities were based in Wólka Kosowska some 20 km (12.4 miles) south-west of Warsaw.

Moreover, some of those companies did not submit their financial reports to the National Court Register (KRS), while others did, but with sales and incomes incomparable to the assigned financial transfers.

On Wednesday, the first operation of this investigation took place. Nearly 300 officers of CBA, the Border Guard and the Military Police detained 18 people, including the head of the payment institution and five people from the management. Other detainees include those responsible for transferring the money.

All those apprehended will be handed over to the prosecutor's office, where they will face charges.