No confirmed cases of coronavirus in Poland: Health Ministry

As many as 45,171 cases of coronavirus were reported worldwide by February 12 but the 30 Poles returned to their homeland on February 2 are not part of this statistic as reported by the Health Ministry, whose Deputy Minister Waldemar Kraska has said that “there are no confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Poland.”

“There are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Poland,” Mr Karska said on Wednesday, adding that the “30 patients who returned from Wuhan are also not infected. Their samples were examined three times already. Each of the examinations produced negative results, thus no genotype of the new virus was found in any of the patients.”

“Nevertheless, we are prepared for [the coronavirus’] appearance in Poland,” said the deputy minister. The 30 Poles remain at the Military Clinical Hospital in Wrocław.

The ministry has assured that it is constantly monitoring the sanitary-epidemiological and medical services that secure Poland and its citizens from coronavirus contraction.

According to Worldometers live world statistics website, by Wednesday there were 45,171 coronavirus cases worldwide, 1,115 deaths resulting from the contraction of the virus and 4,831 recoveries.

In China, there were 44,653 cases of coronavirus reported with as many as 1,113 deaths. In terms of European states, Germany has recorded the largest number of cases, with 16, and no fatal casualties, as reported by Worldometers.