Racing: New chapter of Robert Kubica’s career unveiled

Robert Kubica, the first Polish F1 driver, will take part in DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters) racing series in the upcoming 2020 season.

F1: Robert Kubica joins Alfa Romeo Racing

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Simultaneously, Kubica will be a test and reserve driver of Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen F1 racing team.

“Orlen keeps its word. We got seriously involved in motorsports. We promised that we would be in Formula 1 and we are, but that is not all. Poles now have their team in the DTM race series. Robert [Kubica] will drive a BMW car painted white and red,” Daniel Obajtek, the CEO of PKN Orlen, the Polish national oil giant said.

“This will be a new race series for me. DTM is a historic series, I always respected it. It is less known than F1…but the drivers are very skilled, there is a difficult challenge ahead of me,” Kubica told a press conference on Thursday.

He also expressed his thanks to PKN Orlen for making his return to F1 racing possible. “Last year did not go as planned, but it was important for me to have a chance to race,” the driver said. During the 2019 season, Kubica was the driver of Williams F1 racing team, but the cars used by this team were no match for their rivals and won only one point over the entire season.

The cars taking part in DTM races are called by some experts “F1 bolides with a roof.” From outside they look like ordinary cars from showrooms, but their engines and other elements are totally different and adapted to fast racing.

The first weekend of DTM racing is scheduled to take place on April 25-26. The drivers will race on the Zolder racetrack in Belgium.

In 2006, Robert Kubica became the first Pole to race in Formula One, the most prestigious car racing series. Two years later he achieved his only victory, after winning the race in Montreal, Canada.

His F1 career was stopped in 2011 after a serious injury suffered in an accident during a rally in Italy. Even though he did not fully recover, two years later he won the title in WRC2 (second tier of the global rallying championships) and in 2018 he returned to F1 as a test driver for Williams.